If you're using email as a means to sell affiliate products or build an online business or network marketing business, there are 3 PROFIT-KILLING MISTAKES you're likely making responsible for lost revenue and ultimately trust with your list.


In fact, all 3 of these problems are solved by the new "Best Email Swipe File PDF" - here's how:

First mistake solved - NO PERSONALITY!


If you're using other people's words, emotions, stories and experience, you're missing what truly matters.  

And that's YOU.

YOU are what your subscribers are buying.  This is why people like Andre Chaperon who produced the ultimate email marketing course Autoresponder Madness continue to crush affiliate contests, with NO SWIPE COPY used in any of his personal campaigns.

Wouldn't you like to feel confident anytime you sat down at your laptop you could bang out an email in 15 minutes that made the register ring?


Second mistake solved - NO EMPATHY!

If you're hoping and praying the person who wrote the swipe copy understands YOUR PROSPECTS - you're sadly mistaken.  

You need to understand your prospects and speak THEIR language - not the language of someone writing a generic swipe file.

The best way to reach a prospective client or buyer is to meet them in their world.  To understand them better than they even understand themselves.


To do this, you must research, learn, EMPATHIZE.  It's the only way to true longevity in marketing.


Third mistake solved - YOU DON'T GROW!

If you're copy and pasting your way to 'success', there's no room for YOU to grow as a marketer.  The goal for a marketer is to become better.  To achieve more.  

How can you do that if you're using someone else's words, feelings, skills and emotions?

Truth is... you can't.

That's why you need a swipe file that assumes you are using it properly, not copy and pasting, but THINKING your way through the email marketing process.

So you can get a headstart on this process, I've compiled a concise PDF chalk full of my best emails.  They are story based, emotional, inspiring and hit the heart of my prospects.


Grab your copy here, and you'll be invited to our next webinar where I'll outline for you how you can use the swipe file in the best way possibe, to MAXIMIZE RESULTS and eliminate frustration!

To your email marketing success!

Darren Hanser

P.S.  When you download your brand new email swipe file, you'll be invited to private webinars, VIP training sessions and even have the opportunity for a FREE 45 Minute Strategy Session to boost your email marketing profits.

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You've heard it I'm sure...

"Go For NO"!

I knew a network marketer, a big time producer year after year and his mantra was "20 NO's a Day"

For me, this seemed odd, because at the time I wasn't even talking to 20 people a day...

... let alone getting rejected 20 times.

This was back 2 years ago when I was building a traditional style MLM deal, where I needed A LOT of people in my team in order to make a penny.

In fact, I recruited 14 people and my check was $22.43 (but it was residual!).

Little did I know they had to stick around and actually do the WORK!

LOL -- truth hurts.

Then I realized HOW I recruited 14 people and the "go for NO" idea made more sense.

I had to physically talk to around 100 people just to get 14 to join me, and the 86 who said NO were my "No's"

Makes sense...

Then I thought...

What if I could talk to ONLY the ones who said YES, and automatically follow up with the other 84 who said NO?


This is the true POWER of NO.

Because now I have a system set up that does "most" of the selling, telling, sorting and qualifying...

... I only physically speak to the people who are truly interested in working with me (I have them fill out an application)

And I have SYSTEMS that can do the ongoing follow up and help create PROFIT in my business 24/7 once I've set them up...

Truth is, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Especially when you have the right tools, training and mentoring process that's a part of our system.

There you have it...

Now you know how to "Go For NO" and also profit from them at the same time!

Talk soon,
Darren Hanser
P.S.  Over the years I've seen many systems that promise to train and give you the information you need to build a thriving home business.
Click Here To See The System I Personally Use To Turn My "NO's" into PROFIT!

When you're ready to COMMIT to your dreams...

... Join Us HereGet All In & Get Your Ticket!


Selling Through VISION - The Secret To Breakthrough Results


Hey it's Darren.

In this video you're going to learn SPECIFICALLY why people join your network marketing / home business.

If you're struggling to get people to join your business, it's likely you're missing this ONE THING.

We have a Monday night call at 9pm EST and every week I get people asking me where the 'real' information is.  They listen to the calls, and hear stories, inspiration and a VISION of where we're going as a community...

... and still wonder HOW they will build a business.

Here's the deal.


This is how people join you.

1) Share who you are.

2) Share your STORY

3) Speak your vision in front of GROUPS of people.

People don't follow companies... 
They follow a VISION.

They follow where a company GOING

... Where the leader GOING


If you don't know where you're going, how are other people supposed to follow you?

If all you're learning is how to do the latest marketing strategy... 

... how are people supposed to follow you?

You get paid in the home business industry to speak a vision, to promote CHANGE, and to sell a VISION of a future that doesn't exist!

Sure... we must align with a company, or sell your own products...

... but if you're not getting the results you want, and realize other people are doing things in a different way and getting the results YOU WANT.

There may be something to this whole "SPEAK YOUR VISION" idea.

Home business / Network Marketing is really CHANGE marketing.  You're able to change lives.

As a leader, you need to have courage to get out in the world and share your vision with people.

People are starving for a leader.

People want to follow YOU.

How can they if you're not giving a reason for them to?

You can continue posting information on social media about your products, services or all the new technological breakthroughs your product has.


What you need to do is get out of your comfort zone and speak your vision and share where you are going.

What you're seeing in our community is a group of people getting MASSIVE RESULTS by sharing a vision that is NEEDED.

If you want to get results, you need to align yourself and LEARN how to profit from your VISION.


You can continue doing what you're doing, and continue getting the results you're getting.

Or you can make a decision, craft a vision and then let as many people know what you're doing in your life, so they can follow you.

You'll see changes in your life you never imagined were possible.

The moment you make a decision to be a visionary of your own life.

See you inside.

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Darren Hanser

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