"When all you have is a hammer...
... everything looks like a nail"

Reminds me of when I was consulting in the life insurance industry... 

I was a marketing guy, so my main role was to find new ways for insurance reps to sell more policies.

... to show them new hammers, for their old rusty nails.

Every few months, the insurance companies would come out with a "new" concept...

They would send out the sales reps with a new strategy or product, or shiny wrapping designed to sell the same old product being sold for 50 yrs.

Here's the problem...

... New agents would see these so-called "new strategies" and go FLOG their prospects with them, assuming EVERY new person needed it.

And they'd hit up the old clients as well, because they had this new shiny offer for them...

Like they found "the HOLY GRAIL" and were about to go save the world and strike it rich.

Then, 3 months later, when they got burned out from selling the same thing and their audience wasn't biting...

...they'd hit me up, asking for the "new hammer" to go out and flog in the market...

This has been going on for DECADES.

It never ends.

And it never will, as long as we keep focusing on the HAMMER and not the NAIL (a.k.a. the actual problems we're looking to solve).

Same goes for marketing online, selling home business opportunities or any 'training' that will help you get where you need to go faster.

Truth is, there isn't anything "new" that will help you.

No new strategy, concept or technology...

Sure, there will be new MODES of marketing...

But it's the PRINCIPLES behind what works that you need to understand.

When you understand WHY the hammer works for nails and a screwdriver for screws etc...

When you start to seek to help rather than to play "Prospect Whack-a-Mole" with your new product or sales presentation...

... When you start CHOOSING the right combo rather than just finding any rusty old thang you can bang.

> You'll find yourself talking to prospects in a way that they WANT to be spoken to.

> You'll discover how to uncover the hidden desires and ultimate goals of your prospects, and be a TRUSTED ADVISER and not PITCH-MAN.

Makes sense right?

So how do you get the right information, if everyone's trying to pitch you on a new piece of software, a 'ninja' plugin to get leads, some sort of fly by night automated strategy, or a new 'tool' you NEEEEEEEED or will DIIIEEEE....

In all honesty, I've gone through the info I'm about to share with you, and I only recommend things I've personally used...

So don't ask me if you should get to this workshop, because the answer is yes, I'll be there, and if you're not, you're missing out.

There's a workshop next week that is going to show you things that just aren't being taught anywhere but here.

Throw your ego away, put any preconceived ideas about what you THINK you know about this guy and the info he shares...

And just be here:


You're not going to learn any rehashed crap.

... but the principles of sponsoring, selling.

This is absolutely not to be missed.


I've already secured my own spot, so I'll be there with you -- paying close attention.

See you there!

Darren Hanser

If you're running an online business and building an email list, it's likely you get crazy replies from subscribers once in a while...

Personally, I love getting replies to my emails...

Especially one liners like this from last night.

It's all good stuff, just not into paying for advice. I help people and don't feel I need to charge them

This is coming from someone (I looked him up) who's selling products designed to help people get fit, lose weight, and feel good.

He's responding to a webinar he saw, teaching how to get a crap load of leads for free (which is the exact thing he got on my list for)...

And the page he opted into would have only attracted people who need help getting to the next level...

Now I'm sure this guy doesn't mean any harm, and just has different beliefs...

It's all good.

But the Last time I checked...

There's no free lunch...

There was something for sale on the webinar...

As there always should be.

If you're running a business, treat it like one.

Sell things. Sell a lot of things.

Don't act like Mother Teresa and give away your best stuff for free... You'll go broke in the process.

Anyway, there's something to be said for prospects who want everything for free.

Guys and gals who expect all the best stuff handed to them... like you owe them something.

Always on the take.

Like the sample eating trolls in Costco.

You know you've seen them.

Reason there are samples, and not complete 3 course meals... is they want to show you how good the food is, and sell you the BIG box you can feed a small village with.

Give you a taste

But you still need to BUY the full meal.

Come to think of it...

This dude probably trolls around Costco eating wieners every night...

... doing rounds - like the sample lady doesn't know it's him again and again.

Then he trolls around the internet looking for free training, ebooks and videos rather than spending his pocket change on info that will move him from sample eating complainer...

... to eating off the right side of the menu.

Anyway, you only get paid for 2 things in a home business (and I assume you're building a home business).

That's selling stuff, and helping your team sell stuff.

That's it.

So if you're not ok with buying, it's going to be VERY difficult to be ok with SELLING.

Again - this is ok... just don't send me douchebag messages about it.

And selling... that's what you're doin', baby...

Now if you're ok with selling, and know there's a LOT of opportunity for people like you...

Here's where it gets awesome.

For a VERY small group (like 25 max), I've got some good news about how to work more closely with me in the next 6-8 weeks.

But I'm not sharing exactly what it is, unless you agree to the strict "No Troll Policy"

This isn't going to be cheap, and for god's sake it ain't free. There's enough free stuff on the internet you can get your jolly's with.

So the ball's in your court.

If you want to learn about what we're going to cover in this group, shoot me a blank email to awlist3551157@aweber.com to subscribe to my email list, and you'll get updates when the group is open

See you soon!

Darren Hanser



3 Must Have Tools For Online Marketing

As mentioned in the video, when marketing online you'll need 3 tools to get started.


1) A Blog:  
Click here for our preferred solution

2) A Capture page:  
Click here to learn about LeadPages

3) An Autoresponder:  
Click here for a free trial of GetResponse

Why do you need a blog?

A Blog is perfect to provide relevant content and create authority in your market.  If you're providing regular education, insights, exposing your vision and training for your target audience, a blog is the simplest way to do this.

You can create a blog in 2 ways.  Free or Paid.

Free services like wordpress.com and weebly are fine for basic 'hobby' blogging.  But when you're providing a service or selling a product, you will need a self-hosted service.

Your options are quite simple.  Wordpress.org is the self-hosted side of wordpress, where you'll need to buy hosting, a domain name and manage the design, themes and all that jazz.

Using a service like the Viral Blogging System, you get a ready-to-use blog.  All you need to do is login, go through the set up and then you're ready to go.

Why do you need a capture page?

A Capture page is used to collect the contact information of your new prospects.  This way you are growing a list of interested prospects who have raised their hand and told you they want more information.

I personally use a service called LeadPages for very simple, point and click capture pages.

In fact, LeadPages integrates with your autoresponder, so all you need to do is go through the set up process once and you're ready to start capturing leads!

Why do you need an autoresponder?

Your Autoresponder is the communication tool that will hold your prospects contact information, and allow you to send emails to them on an automated basis, or manually.

I recommend GetResponse as it's easy to use, and you can get a free trial by clicking here.

Putting It All Together

When starting online, you will need all 3 of these if you plan on generating authority, gathering leads and communicating directly with them.

You'll find a lot of people trying to sell you tools for this and that, and if I'm completely up front with you, most 'tools' aren't required unless you're doing very technical marketing.

There are some useful tools, like social media syndication and things like that, however for the purpose of building an email list, communicating and building authority and INFLUENCE with your market, a blog, capture page and autoresponder is what you should start with.

We personally use the Viral Blogging System, LeadPages and GetResponse.

When you secure your blog, capture pages and autoresponder, you'll get a confirmation email from me, and we will arrange a one-on-one strategy session!

If you found this video and article useful, please leave a comment, click the 'like' button and share it with your facebook friends!

To your success!

Darren Hanser


P.S.  Need more leads and sales in your business?  Watch this FREE 4 Video Series where you'll see the EXACT formula we use to generate over 43 leads per day!  Click HERE to Start Watching!


I got LAUGHED AT for believing in the Law of Attraction...

I hate to admit it but they were right... 

As you read this entire post, I'm going to reveal to you 3 "POWER LESSONS" that took me from a "pie in the sky" dreamer, to LIVING PROOF this stuff works....

July 2013 we were packing up our final belongings because our very first home was repossessed. The book "Think and Grow Rich" was sitting there -- staring me in the face... almost taunting me.

Now I understand how this book has guided many of my actions to this very day, however I'm not saying the book has been the ONLY factor in my success...

... it did play a HUGE part, however.

I would put money on it that just reading Think and Grow Rich and believing in the Law of Attraction alone will not change your life. 

There is more to the equation and I will share these discoveries with you here.

I'm going to tell you how within the last 36 months I have been on a journey from bankruptcy, hopelessness and feeling "STUCK"... 

To my life today... 

In fact this month we were able to earn over $15,248 from applying these 3 POWER LESSONS and did it with no job, no boss, no time constraints and the ability to be FREE and spend time with the people we love.

Because isn't that what this is all about?

Creating and experiencing a life you are proud of?

A life where waking up is a pleasure?

An existence where there's no alarm clocks except from the sound of your children laughing and jumping on you. (this is how I wake up every day now)

Now i say this not to impress you, but to EXPAND YOUR MIND to what's entirely possible if you're open and willing to follow some key action steps we've put into practice.

** This is the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON of all **

... taking consistent, daily, and PURPOSEFUL ACTION.

Here are the 3 POWER LESSONS responsible for my BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH...

*** LESSON #1*** "If you can SEE IT... you can ACHIEVE IT"

Remember the part about the 'movie in your mind' Napoleon Hill wrote about?

I started to pay attention to my thoughts. Not to judge them, but to see how my thoughts were creating my reality.

The moment I realized my thoughts were TOXIC and creating depression, struggle and a feeling of reaching for something unattainable...

I quickly said STOP!

Tony Robbins also talks about breaking state. Changing your thought patterns in the exact moment they happen.

So I started catching myself in my 'old' thought patterns, immediately replacing those thoughts with visions of my goals.

When there was a time to take action, instead of thinking and pondering over it forever, talking myself OUT of success...

I remembered the phrase "Rich people make decisions FAST and change them rarely... while poor people make decisions slow and change them often"


*** LESSON #2 ***  "The TRUE power of a Mastermind"

Over the course of the last 2 years, events have unfolded where I have become acquainted and associated with people who live as I want to live.

Millionaires, Freedom-preneurs and People with lifestyles once only dreamed of. Travel, freedom of time and space, 100% mobile.


People achieving the object of their major definite purpose.

The amazing part is I have been able to personally connect, meet, and mastermind with these people, and share ideas and knowledge.

It's said you will become the 5 people you associate with most.

By now finding a group of like minded individuals, who are actively pursuing a freedom based lifestyle, I am able to SEE myself AS someone who lives their dreams.

Best part... after APPLYING this knowledge and learning from those who have achieved wealth and are living their true purpose...

I AM living my dreams, now.

Funny how a few short years can change EVERYTHING, right?

*** LESSON #3 *** "The power of clarity & Auto Suggestion"

Remembering the type of person I was, I was that guy who always stopped just before the miracle. I would always set goals and then stop taking action.

It was like a viscous circle where I was chasing my tail.

Like my mind was fighting against my body. Ever feel that way? Like you WANT to achieve something, but your actions don't match your thoughts?

It became crystal clear when I sat down, wrote out my Definite Major Purpose, and with exquisite detail, read it aloud twice a day, with FAITH, and EMOTION of GRATITUDE.

This is what was missing in my life. Feeling the feelings and then ACTING WITH POWER.

Now just reading these words creates a feeling of achievement, of 'knowing' and of gratitude.


And it became clear that I needed something CONCRETE to DO.

All this talk about visualizing and thinking and masterminding...

Now, there was one thing I needed that was left out of the book, however it was deeply ingrained in all the pages.

Let me give you some advice real quick.


During the past 3 years, the ONLY TIMES my actions produced predictable and sustainable results was when my vision for who I wanted to be was matched with a VEHICLE to achieve this.

I needed not only a master mind, a mentor and to know where I was headed....


I mean... what good is all the fuel in the world, if you've got no engine right?

And what good is an engine, if it's sitting on blocks!

My BIGGEST breakthrough came not from being told or shown what to do...

It came from me DOING what my mentor did. 

This was a complete shift in my life, because my mentor lead by example and showed me what he did, then he stepped back and let me spread my wings.


He gave me a blueprint and specific actionable advice along the way.

The results speak from themselves.

I struggled for YEARS and then after becoming teachable and open to learning new things...

Becoming someone who didn't "Know It All", and was open to following PROVEN STEPS TO SUCCESS...

This took me from April 2011: Still broke and trying to feed my children, delivering pizza part time and selling our stuff to get through the month...

To now, I'm about to close out my biggest month ever, 100% based on the teachings from my mentor, who you can meet here:

I struggled for far too long not to share this information with people like you who are open to receive. 

I will show exactly what I learned to be free and live life on my terms.

In Prosperity,


Darren Hanser

P.S. Feel free to add me on my personal Facebook.

I receive lots of friend requests a day, so shoot me a personal message to let me know who you are. I make it a point to respond to all positive messages.

Visit this website and see the 3 simple steps we took to break free from our old thinking and manifest a new reality, right now


"Is Affiliate Marketing The Same As Network Marketing?"

I just got this question from one of my subscribers, Caden.

As someone who's been online for a few years, I mistakenly assumed everyone knew what affiliate marketing was, and how it works (and how it's different from network marketing).

I was wrong.

So I immediately went down to my office and shot this quick video outlining the main differences between affiliate marketing, network marketing and high ticket direct sales.

Click Play & Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The main difference between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing is how you're paid, and also how MANY people are paid on the same sale.

In network marketing, for every product sold, there is potentially tens, hundreds or thousands of people participating in the sales volume.  There's great leverage, however it takes a LOT of volume for you to earn a significant amount of income.  

In affiliate marketing, for every product sold, there is usually one person earning a commission, and it can range from 5%-60% or more of the actual sale.

Even large companies like Wal-Mart have affiliate programs.

High Ticket direct sales is like affiliate marketing, however usually includes products with a larger price point, say, $2,500++.  There are high ticket products that exceed $100,000 per sale.  In this case, usually one or two people will receive a commission on each sale.

We focus on a mix of them all.

Affliate marketing, network marketing and high ticket sales rolled into one.

As I mentioned in the video, when we were looking at different ways to make money from home, we sought out systems that were able to do 'most' of the heavy lifting for us...

...but also provide the opportunity to earn commissions that felt like we were getting paid for the amount of work we put in.

Want to learn more about the system we've partnered with? Go ahead, click here and watch the overview.

Talk soon,

Darren Hanser
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